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Burner, Tuyere ID, pipe, and vent hole are for venturi burners. Forced air burners can use smaller dimensions.
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Calculated Measurements
Overall Height6.10  Overall Width0.00  Lid Height2.00  Body Height4.10 
Crucble Type  Crucible Height  Crucible Width  Tool Gap3.00 
Chamber Height2.10  Chamber Width  Vent Hole Width  Top Gap (crucible to lid) 
Hot Wall Thickness2.00  Hot Floor Thickness2.00  Hot Subfloor Width2.00     
Insulated Wall Thickness-2.00  Insulated Floor Thickness2.00         
Burner Pipe ID1.00  Tuyere ID1.40  Plint Width0.00  Plint Height2.10 
Chamber cubic inches0.00  Chamber cubic feet0.00  Required heat @ 200,000 BTU per cubic foot
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