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Greetings visitor.

There has been some confusion to who "JWSmythe" is, and the usage of the JWSmythe logo image.

First and foremost, I have no affiliation to the group "Anonymous". I was not and am not a 4chan user. I do not participate in any sort of direct denial of service (DoS) or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Due to the needs of my customers, employers, and friends, I have participated in "gray hat" activities. That is, I do know how malicious attacks are done. I do understand how to exploit security faults. I only use those methods with the full informed consent of the "target" company. In that case, when I am playing the role of an intruder or attacker (a "black hat"), it is known as penetration testing.

I chose the JWSmythe logo years before the "Anonymous" group was formed. If anything, the claim could be made that the logo was stolen from me. As I do believe in fair use and artistic freedoms, I do not see an issue here.

My logo symbolizes my goal of personal privacy. While my daily life does put me in the public view, I do not necessarily want my entire private life and public face to be directly associated. In that, you will not find a real address, phone number, or even city I live or work in.

Much that you may find about me online about specific information is intentionally planted disinformation.

For law enforcement and government professionals, if you wish to contact me, please make your initial contact via my contact form. This disinformation is not to avoid you. Please provide your phone number and email address, along with any questions you may have to begin our conversation. I don't answer "call me" messages. Too many of those have been for trivial nonsense, such as sales contacts for printer ink refills. I will email and/or call as soon as possible.

For the general public, and potential corporate customers, also use the contact form. Again, this allows me to sift through the inbound mail, determine who I have time to work with, and respond with the most accurate information possible.

At this time, I cannot accept new clients who need long-term projects. I am still supporting short term tasks for past clients, and their references.

For any sort of legal correspondance, you are probably looking at the wrong person. I am not the only JWSmythe in the world. If you think you have any civil or criminal issues to bring up with me, you are probably mistaken. With that said, if you think you still need to contact me, use my contact form. Provide enough details to assist, so I can assist you. Understand that when I say "no", I mean "no". You cannot coerce any additional information from me at any time. I have and always will cooperate fully with law enforcement and their investigations. If I have stated I do not have information, it is not in my possession.

And finally, if you believe I have won some lottery, have a distant relative that died, or any other strange reason that you want to give me large sums of cash, I will require a 50% cash deposit. I will not under any circumstances send any money to your Nigerian courier service, your great aunt Wilma, or bribe government officials to help sneak anything out of any nation. So, don't bother sending your scams to me.