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For any sort of legal correspondance, you are probably looking at the wrong person. I am not the only JWSmythe in the world. If you think you have any civil or criminal issues to bring up with me, you are probably mistaken. With that said, if you think you still need to contact me, use my contact form. Please be sure to provide all the relevant details. Understand that when I say "no", I mean "no". You cannot coerce any additional information from me at any time. If I have stated I do not have information, it is not in my possession.

Finally, if you believe I have won some lottery, have a distant relative that died, or any other strange reason that you want to give me large sums of cash, I will require a 50% cash deposit. I will not under any circumstances send any money to your Nigerian courier service, your great aunt Wilma, or bribe government officials to help sneak anything out of any nation. If you are still determined, please send them via this link