I provide services in any field that I am experienced in. These are my general rates.

TaskHourly Rate
Unix/Linux Administration$100/hr
Windows Administration$100/hr
Network Administration$100/hr
Hardware Design$100/hr
Perl Programming$80/hr
PHP Programming$80/hr
HTML Development$60/hr
Expert witness testamony 2$100/hr
All other services 1$100/hr
Transit Time
To/From your site
Per Diem
If working at your site
for > 1 day with overnight stay.
Estimated $150/day
Specific Rates
Use Max Per Diem Rate.

Negotiated rates apply to locations outside of CONUS

Other expenses (rental car, cab fare, etc) billed separately.

Projects and extended employment (> 1 week) can be negotiated.

1 Other services include anything that is not covered in other line items. That does include phone consultations, telephone and live consultations,

2 Expert witness testimony (2 hour minimum, billed at total time present for depositions, in the court room, etc).