Input (any format)

Sample text.

Put any formatted text (text, Base64, binary, hex, or decimal) in the input box on the left.

It will be encoded or decoded in the boxes below.

You can then copy from any box in the left two columns, into the input box, and it will decode.

This is useful for when someone posts a blob of binary or other unknown formats, to automatically decode it.

This should support all UTF-8 characters.
(invalid conversions will show garbage, or nothing)
Text ⯈ Base64
Text ⯈ Base64 (RFC 2045 lines)
Base64 ⯈ Text
Text ⯈ Hex
Text ⯈ Hex padded
  Hex ⯈ Text
  Text ⯈ Dec padded
  Dec ⯈ Text
Text ⯈ Binary
Text ⯈ Binary padded
  Binary ⯈ Text