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Free Internet Press

Prima Dogs


Drain Doctors, Inc

Geographic map of ping or traceroute


BoT - Network Monitoring Tool

Massive Site Replication

cryptmsg.com Data Exists


CryptMsg was written on a whim. It started out with "How can I encrypt a message better?". There are lots of ways to send messages with varying degrees of security. Most emails are sent with a good chance of interception.

CryptMsg was written to allow for multiple encryption algorithms and keys, with the person creating the encrypted message supplying each in any arbitrary order.

To decrypt the message, the recipient would need to know the encryption algorithms, keys, and order that they were provided.

Forcibly decrypting a message is difficult without extremely high end equipment, such as the equipment the NSA has, the EFF Deep Crack computer, or a powerful distributed network such as distributed.net. Distributed.net has proven that single encryption methods can be brute force cracked in a matter of hours to months. This is dependant on having a plain text result that would be obvious to the program. With the CryptMsg method, the result from one encryption method, if the algorithm is known, would still be an encrypted message. While not perfect, I believe it would push the decryption time of a message to an unreasonable time, making the message secure. By the time a message was decrypted, the message itself should be out of date.

Since the script is written in PHP and open source, anyone can use it or modify it as they please, so it can be implemented in any security messaging system.

The site has been viewed by over 3,000 unique viewers, including quite a few military and government organizations, as well as many universities around the world.