Following are some examples of sites I've worked on, created, or projects I've done over the years. Please read the full description to understand what was involved in each.

Free Internet Press

Prima Dogs


Drain Doctors, Inc

Geographic map of ping or traceroute


BoT - Network Monitoring Tool

Massive Site Replication

trackcamping.com Data Exists

Track Camping

The owner of Trackcamping.com came to me asking for various additions and changes to be made to his site. The site itself is powered by YaBB, but he wished to have several customizations done.

  • The front page of Trackcamping.com is an entirely new page. The most intricate part was making the "Last 10 active message boards" section (currently top center). This involved reverse engineering some of the YaBB files, and then acquiring details from other YaBB files to generate something that was acceptable to the owner.
  • The Tracks, Drivers & Info section is not part of the YaBB software. I created the template for him to work within, and he populated it with the appropriate data.
  • In the *Tracks sections, I identify where the user is using GeoIP, which then uses a 3rd party tool to allow creating points at the user location and the track location, and then scrolling the map automatically between the two. This is to give the user an idea of direction and distance.

    Using the same information, we generate the "Get Driving Directions from your estimated location" link, which then pulls up Google Maps with driving directions from that location. Generally (approx 90% of the time) the directions will be accurate from the city the user is in. The user also has the option of providing a start address either on the form on Trackcamping.com, or once they've reached Google Maps.

  • Using 3rd party software to collect RSS feeds, Trackcamping.com includes recent NASCAR news from a variety of news sources, showing the most recent news. On the main page, this appears on the right side. The 3rd party software does an excellent job of collecting the news, but the presentation is done completely with custom scripts, as this type of presentation was not the intention of the RSS reader's author.
  • Other customizations have been done, such as adding Google Adsense, and a 3rd party calendar software.