Following are some examples of sites I've worked on, created, or projects I've done over the years. Please read the full description to understand what was involved in each.

Free Internet Press

Prima Dogs


Drain Doctors, Inc

Geographic map of ping or traceroute


BoT - Network Monitoring Tool

Massive Site Replication

primadogs.com Data Exists

Prima Dogs

Prima Dogs was originally a Yahoo! store to sell handmade dog collars. I started development on it to make adding/removing items more fluid. It was removed from the Yahoo! hosting servers due to problems with their hosting environment, which would frequently break the original site, and continued to plague the new site despite the addition of substantial caching to reduce their errors.

After a couple years, the owner wished it to become an affiliate sales site. Th e site was templatized, so she could simply add code from the affiliate to included HTML pages, which were then included into the full layout site as called by the category. While not an impressive work of programming, it was what the owner requested, and has satisfied her needs very well.