Following are some examples of sites I've worked on, created, or projects I've done over the years. Please read the full description to understand what was involved in each.

Free Internet Press

Prima Dogs


Drain Doctors, Inc

Geographic map of ping or traceroute


BoT - Network Monitoring Tool

Massive Site Replication

draindoctorsfl.com Data Exists

Drain Doctors, Inc

Drain Doctors is a rather complex site. At face value, it would appear to be a simple company description and contact information page.

  • Under the "Plumbing Services" tab, this area is template driven, with a content management interface.
  • Under the "See Our Ads" tab, ads were taken from various formats, and made web ready. This included plain paper, phone books, DVD, jpeg, gif, and tiff. The videos were resized and compressed to not only fit in the TV image, but also to be fast enough to play on most Internet connections.
  • Under the "Service Area" tab, a rather complex html/javascript driven map was acquired and modified to show the counties serviced, as well as local contact numbers.
  • The site was optimized to be as friendly as possible for search engines. All the text is original content from various staffers. Links are all text rather than large graphic buttons. Extra content to further clarify items was included, such as listing every city/community serviced in a county under the "Service Area" tab.
  • Under "Schedule An Appointment", a dynamic flow driven system was put together, which each question leads to the next. The full flowchart contains over 200,000 unique paths, and when mapped with Graphviz generates a map that's 10067px by 13427px.

A reduced version of this map is shown here. This map was generated during the population of the database. It is more complex now. The red dot indicated "dead ends", which needed to be linked to a next question.